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The Digital Solopreneur's Journey 

❓What is Your Productivity Secret?


Digital Solopreneur Productivity Question 

How productive are we really in the home-office?

How many hours do I really spend on my online business?

Get clarity (you may be surprised or even shocked :)

Productivity method mention is "Pomodoro"

The time tracking app mentioned is Tyme2

Journal mentioned: Brendon Burchard High-Performance Planner not dated and available as a pack for the entire year one journal is for two months I always get the set for the entire year/because I love the colors :) here is my affiliate link to (here is my affiliate link to buy on Amazon)

I' Asking You Now: What is your productivity tip?

What is your daily productivity/work time tracking tool or strategy?

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✅ Creative business success only begins with the creation



One of the success steps many creatives forget is creative packaging. Everything we do represents who we are, how we think about our clients and the values we live as individuals, and as entrepreneurs. 

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