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About Us


You Are Born to Thrive by doing what you love!

Welcome to my online school for entrepreneurs and creative people, guys like you.

My name is Mila Lansdowne, and I am the founder of this Entrepreneur School.

I believe in sharing what we know and in helping those who are seeking the information, service or products we have

Here's why I am so passionate about teaching the Internet way of sharing our work and monetize our skills, hobbies, and expertise.

The Internet saved me when my mom became bedridden, and I couldn't leave my home and take care of my existing business.
From one day to the other I lost access to earning money as I knew it. I had to find a new way.

I learned to earn from home while sitting next to mom's bed at my computer.

I kept learning the online-business ropes, established an online store selling imported art products until mom passed and I was free to leave home again.

Experiencing the Online Business lifestyle and freedom, I knew the Internet is my way.

My opportunity to get the skills and mindset came with Brendon Burchard's coaching course where I learned the ten ways to showcase my expertise. I published my first Kindle book and stepped into my purpose as a teacher and online educator and certified transformational coach.

I believe everyone has their unique purpose in life. The talents and skills we have are the tools to create a life of joy, prosperity, and fulfillment. The Internet is your tool to step up and shine with your uniqueness and make money with meaning.

I learned that success is a combination of skill and mindset. Therefore, you will find in my entrepreneur school both, the skill-training and strategies to get your expertise into the world, but also the mindset-training required to build the fulfilling lifestyle you envision as an entrepreneur.

Real success must be all-encompassing; expressed as fulfillment in all aspects of life...How would you like your life as an entrepreneur be?

I am passionate about coaching people who want personal growth in entrepreneurship.

If you are interested in boosting your results with my coaching and training help, schedule a discovery session by clicking this link

I look forward to meeting you!

 ❤️  Much Success To You!



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